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AnVir Pro $17


Bits du Jour are offering AnVir Task Manager Pro today, Wednesday 29 October 2008
- at $17 it should be well worth the money, given the normal price is $40 :-)

AnVir Task Manager Pro

# Advanced startup manager:
   -Get full list of startup applications.
   -View hidden applications.
   -Disable/enable, add/delete, edit startup entries.
   -Stop or restart startup applications.

# Startup guard:
   -Receive alerts when any new application adds itself to the startup list.
   -Forbid applications to be added to startup.
   -Receive alerts if the Internet Explorer home page is changed.

# Process manager:
   -Get full information about all processes, including:
       CPU and memory usage
       Executable name with full path
       Work time
       Loaded DLLs
       Open files

   -Get executable file properties, icon and version information.
   -Stop most processes with one click.
   -Add any selected process to the block list with a single click.
   -Change process priorities.

# Tray icons:
   -Provide current information about CPU usage including list of most active programs.
   -Provide current information about HDD usage.

# Protection against viruses:
   -Detection and destruction of most propagated viruses.
   -Automatic Virus database updates.
   -Minimum usage of system resources.
--- End quote ---

NB - if you have a real-time antivirus program already installed you'll need to disable the protection provided in AnVir Pro!

I tried to purchase this UNSUCCESSFULLY the day it was offered on Bits du Jour.  I don't know what the problem is with me and that website but this is the second time I've had problems purchasing a program I wanted. Both times the deal was no longer available even though the website showed there was still time left to buy them.  I like AnVir Task Manager Pro because it's easier for me to understand it than it is for me to decipher Sysinternal's apps. I have a few days left with it before the trial runs out. Guess I'll try to make good use of it. I missed out on Macrium Reflect too.  :(  Maybe it is because of the time difference but if the page tells me X # of hours left to purchase, I have assumed that included Californians too.

- sad story! I have tried that once with Bits du Jour and several times with Giveawayoftheday. When re-installed, the problem was usually solved. Once I also had to use another browser, though I no longer remember the circumstances.


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