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Why social networks are a threat to life as some know it

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Got directed to this soon-to-be classic article by one of my clients. Talk about LMAO:

Skiving Aussie fingered on Facebook

Epic fail for sickie-throwing call centre employee

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 23rd October 2008 09:44 GMT

An Oz call centre employee has become an overnight net celeb down under after an email exchange between him and his firm's workforce manager regarding a "sickie" escaped into the wild yesterday.

The correspondence, currently doing the rounds of Aussie inboxes, concerns a day's leave of absence claimed by Kyle Doyle on 21 August. Read on...
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 ;D That's brilliant, thanks 40hz  :Thmbsup:

I love the last missive from the errant Kevin, er Kyle...

Trying to defraud the company is grounds for dismissal round here... wonder what became of Kyle?

Me too. I admire any person that can muster a little style as they're going down in flames. 8)

<edit - changed the topic title to remove capitalization >

Well, its pretty small beer on the fraud levels, lol, anyway my bet is he is still employed, after all, its not easy to get people to work in call centres, even if they do take the odd unauthorised day off  ;) 

Edit - Perhaps they should sack him for being ever so stupid though  ;D

It's made the print edition of the Daily Telegraph at least twice in the past fortnight, and there seems to be a lot more stories available in the online edition. Though I really must say...this guy is epic stupid: 1. Having a facebook account, 2. Having it publicly accessible, and 3. is so obvious even Kyle himself might be able to guess it.



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