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[Looking for] virtual directory with all files from a folders subdirectories

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Ok, the subject is a bit of a mouthful, but let me explain.
I have all my music foldered by artists and then album. I want a way to create a virtual directory of all the files in the sub directories of the music collections root. why you ask? so I can upload them to Oosah, which currently offers 1TB of free storage (yes you read right, 1TB!). However it lacks a way to upload whole directories.

Any ideas?

DOpus features "flat-view" which does this...

This forum post, suggests that FreeCommander is getting (or has) this feature as well.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.
None of these will get the right outcome I'm after.
When I say virtual folder, i mean as much as it can be accessed by any other programme, as i need to select all the files in the virtual folder, from a web based interface.
Much like Visual Subst creates a virtual drive from a folder, it can be accessed by anything.

Ah... Tricky, tricky...


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