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FARR: New feature: User Variables tab

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I've implemented a new feature that makes it possible for users to define UserVariables which aliases and plugins can read (and write).

For those who want to try it before the next official release:
(if you have no use for the functionality of user variables you might as well wait for next official release)

You can find a description of what User Variables are and how to use them in the online help section here:

mouser, thanks for implementing this. :Thmbsup: i'll be updating the Twitter alias very soon with this feature.

Sounds interesting, i can see using this for global user defined variables like name, email address, etc..

Any other features we can look forward to in the upcoming release like gridmode or hotkey variables ;D

Is it supposed to be possible to make use of Virtual Folder Paths / Env Paths as part of user variable values?

I tried doing something like:

quicklaunch=%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

--- End quote ---

But when I try to use it in an alias [1], I don't seem to have much luck. 

On a related note, is there a way to get more details (e.g. via a log file or something) about what is occurring (or say, what an alias expanded to) as a result of attempting to launch an alias?  I'm finding that it feels like I'm groping in the dark when trying to get particular aliases to work.  Perhaps I'm missing something...

[1] Referencing the user variable's value via: %uservar.Paths.quicklaunch%

ah i finally understand what you were asking about wrt referencing env paths.. it doesnt work currently i guess, but i will fix now.


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