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One answered question before you died

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The book seems kinda of old and information gained in the last 10 years alone has advanced the understanding.
-Veign (October 07, 2008, 02:13 PM)
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Yes it is old.
I apologise because I thought that you've just started getting knowledge in this area (so I recommended ABC).

Paul Keith:
Assuming the rule is that you can't die until you get your questions answered:

What has become of all the people I met? would theoretically prolong your life until you get tired of all the answers and stop meeting people and if it gets too noisy, you could always use a noise cancelling instrument to cancel out some of the people. The knowledge also helps you die satisfied in knowing what you have done in this world before you leave this plane of existence.

how about:

<b>can AI eventually demonstrate sentience/consciousness.</b> -nudone (October 07, 2008, 11:42 AM)
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We might actually live to see that before we die! 8)


<b>can humans (as a species) move beyond superstitions</b>

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My Ouija Board says: YES ;D

10. What caused the 'singularity' event that preceded the Big Bang.
Syntax error in "Preceded": there is no before in timeline.
-fenixproductions (October 07, 2008, 01:58 PM)
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I'm not so much interested in "what/before." I want understand the "because/therefor" part. :)

how about:

<b>are we doomed to never fully comprehend and resolve a lot of questions because the construction of our brains makes it impossible to do so.</b>

During human existence, what will become the extent of technology?

Just because that's me, the ever curious one, I would have to know how far humans would advance in technology before *something* happened. Be that an Earth-covering EMP blast, the Earth exploding, etc. Mostly for kicks, just because I'm waiting for the Intel Core 900 (17.38 Rev 4) Octo Edition with Phase Cooling and Uber-Threading Technology. Can't die until I know of it :P


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