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As soon as I get some more test reports, this will be the next official release.

Ok it's official:
v2.23.01 - Nov 22, 2013

* [MajorFeature] You can now define quick actions that can be performed on clips.  These can be web url searches or local program executions.  They are shown in the quick-paste popup menu and on the main window text memo toolbar.
* [MajorFeature] You can now highlight terms in the clip text memo.  By default it will match any filter you are using to limit clips shown but you can override it.  You can also hit F3 to jump to next occurrence of the term when in the text memo window.
* [MinorFeature] Added icons to clip grid right-click context menu.
* [MajorFeature] Rewrote clip export procedure.  There are also now some options in Backup tab so you can specify which fields get exported and how to handle newlines.  You can also now export only the currently selected clips from the grid right-click menu.

Ok it's official:
v2.23.01 - Nov 22, 2013-mouser (November 22, 2013, 06:26 AM)
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And very nice, too!

Thank you fro enhancing a long-time favorite!  :up:

ClipMate is unarguably an amazing program -- only reason I even look at other things is the size and importability of CM.  It goes so far beyond the call of duty for a clipboard extender, it would probably be better referred to as a data management solution with Clip Board monitoring support ;)-allen (January 24, 2006, 11:05 AM)
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ClipMate also seems to be on its last legs. No updates in quite some time. The Forum is dead – probably to fend off complaints about its lack of development. The developer has gone to earth.

Which is why I am looking for an alternative.  If Clipboard Help+Spell can handle the bits that I use, then I am on board.

But how do I transfer all those bits and pieces from ClipMate? Could take time.

Now that is an interesting question.

Might be time to add some importing options to CHS.

But let's have that conversation in a new thread.  I've started on here:


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