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I think something like this would work

AND CreationDateTime > DateTimeCurrent-3

I *THINK* that would work and give you three days back.

^^ Thanks. That errors out - doesn't seem to work - though it looks like it should.
I don't know what the syntax/rules are for this.

I'll have to play with it and report.. sometimes I feel like I don't know my own software   :-[

Mouser, thanks for the update.
have you been able to check the issues reported in posts

- Suggestion: Updated Find and Replace
- Export to single .txt files (adding date-time)
- Export to txt-Import into Excel-some minor flaws

keep up the good work!

v2.25.04 Beta - October 5, 2014

* [Feature] Hotkey to display main window (Ctrl+Alt+W by default) now toggles display of main window.
* [Feature] You can now right-click on a clip in the quick-paste-menu item to show the "more actions" menu for that clip (instead of having to hold shift and left-click).
* [Feature] Attempt to make CHS smarter about moving to last row in view (should only happen now when the newly added item is visible); currently experimental -- can be disabled on Tweaks tab.
* [Feature] Added "Add note" to right-click CHS tray menu.
* [Feature] Quick toggle of inline/live spelling of memos with button on memo toolbar.
* [Feature] Group ID# now shown in Edit Group box.
* [Feature] New clip grid menu items for creating new groups based on selection (moves clips) or search (creates a virtual group).
* [Feature] Group tree drop target is now highlighting while dragging over it.
* [Feature] Quick search/filter now provides a drop-down of favorite searches; set favorites in the Misc. Options 2 tab.
* [Feature] Added icons to group/tree right-click context menu.
* [Feature] Better statusbar info about selected group; reports total # clips in view and # selected.
* [BugFix] Experimental fix to improve directory existence checks for network folders.
* [BugFix] Fixed bug interacting with some other programs (e.g. TinySpell).
* [BugFix] Right/Shift-clicking on quick-paste menu could sometimes trigger right-click context menu of the application under the cursor.


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