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ClipMate is unarguably an amazing program -- only reason I even look at other things is the size and importability of CM.  It goes so far beyond the call of duty for a clipboard extender, it would probably be better referred to as a data management solution with Clip Board monitoring support ;)-allen (January 24, 2006, 11:05 AM)
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ClipMate also seems to be on its last legs. No updates in quite some time. The Forum is dead – probably to fend off complaints about its lack of development. The developer has gone to earth.

Which is why I am looking for an alternative.  If Clipboard Help+Spell can handle the bits that I use, then I am on board.

But how do I transfer all those bits and pieces from ClipMate? Could take time.

-michaelkenward (November 24, 2013, 06:45 AM)
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Ken, actually, what I do with CM is to export the clips to individual txt files (File-Export, tag Name file Item Title)
Use X1 on them .. :-)

Now that is an interesting question.

Might be time to add some importing options to CHS.

But let's have that conversation in a new thread.  I've started on here:
-mouser (November 24, 2013, 06:50 AM)
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Hi Mouser
Any developments on CHS ?
Just wonder, have you been able to tackle the export issues?
(export clips to individual text files adding date-time created)

Keep up the good work!



Sorry, CHS has just been at the back of my to-update queue for for a bit, but I'm just about to get to it in my rotation.

v2.24.01 - July 14, 2014

* By default now if you copy a clip from the main window, it will be re-added to the CHS database -- usually this will mean bumping it to the top of the quick paste list.  You can change this behavior on the Clipboard options tab.
* Ctrl+C from the clip memo window now copies that text to the clipboard.
* You can now customize the title of manually created "note" clips.
* New option for what to do when user triggers a stack-pop but there is no more clips in the stack.
* New import option (available in File menu and also in clip right-click menu as "split"); lets you import text with each line as a new clip.
* Ratings column now has good icons with ratings from 0-9.
* Flag column can now be edited with any user text.
* ClipType column now can be edited with any text.


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