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Vista style filename editing in XP

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 :) One of the improvements in Vista is that it doesn't select the file type when you edit a filename.
Here's a quick hack to have this behaviour in XP, too!

It's called TheEnd!

TheEnd - Unselect the file type when renaming files in XP.


- Press F2 to rename a file.
- Or click a filename slowly two times.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


nice script Skrommel. this will come in handy for those who have un-checked the "Hide extensions" option. :up:

 :-[ Thanks for clarifying things, lanux128!


Similar results for people too lazy for AHK (like me) can be achieved using QTTabBar, if I remember correctly, and even more advanced with Pitaschio, where pressing F2 cycles between filename, extension and full filename with extension. The latter also works in open/save dialogs.

Any chance of a compiled executable pls. Thanks.


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