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UltraEdit 11 - Best text editor?

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thanks jussi,
i will update the text editor review with the info about zeus,
and i will also update w.r.t. dispossesed comments.

Great review, thank you for it. But some of the products have short descriptions and comments. :)

I tried the trial of UltraEdit and it is impressive, but I still personally prefer EditPlus over anything else. I've  tried PSPad, and it's definitely the best free one. The only things EditPlus needs:

- Bottom status bar: Add last modified date/time.
- Bottom status bar: Add size of file.
- For User Tools, in addition to "Save Open Files", add check box for "Save Current File".
- Get a web forum for support.
- I've had issues with FTPing and viewing links on UNIX systems.
- Skins would be sweet.
- Hex Mode.
- Code folding.

I use EditPlus at work (I'm a software engineer), and aside from a full blown coding IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans, EditPlus is great even for coding. Personally, it's on the top of my list.

Do you guys here accept reviews of individual products from members? I've used EditPlus extensively and know much about it. I love comparing and studying software.

Do you guys here accept reviews of individual products from members?
--- End quote ---

yes!! we encourage them very much - we have a special section on the forum for such things, called the "mini reviews by members" section:

it's great when people post there about their favorite programs with some screenshots etc.

Sweet. I don't see a review for EditPlus. Let me get started on one and I'll post there when I am done.

I look forward to this review, thanks!


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