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Volume Shadow Copy : how do you get this damn thing to work!

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thanks mwb1100.

for now -- because I' running out of time -- I found a workaround : never go into standby mode and only use Windows hibernation feature. Kind of annoying since I have a laptop, but less annoying then having to reboot every time I want to fully backup certain system files, my Outlook PST files, etc.!

I found out that hibernating leaves VSS working correctly... Standby "kills" it. Weird. Could be a memory problem (???), but don't know enough to diagnose properly.

If the problem is only with standby-resume, I doubt changing cluster size would do you any good. Larger than 4k clusters mean you can't use NTFS compression, but other than that there's not much downside - perhaps even upside since file fragments get larger, and you thus get slightly less fragmentation.

Standby can, unfortunately, give a zillion problems. Usually driver-related hangs though, dunno why it would mess up VSS :-s

Thanks f0dder.
OK...finally, after 4 successful backups... Hibernation does the same thing as standby. :(
Next step is now : cluster size, I guess... I have no idea why would that do something. But let's see.


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