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Feature request: Automatically scroll a window


Maybe it's already there but I can't find it?

Sometimes I need to capture a complete window which has to be scrolled to make all content visible.

Hyperionics Hypersnap is able to scroll a window itself and capture the whole content. I need this feature really often and would like to be able to do this with SC.

Hi silverwolf ,
yes this would be nifty sometimes and it is planed from mouser.

Please add your opinion to the bug/feature tracker to 'cus mouser want this behaviour:

Did you need to scroll horizontally too ?
Here i found a webside one could need this:

Hi Stefan,

ok, done.

The horiziontal scroll would be really nice, too - but mostly I'm in need for the automatic vertical scroll ...

I too would like this feature, it's really a lifesaver.


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