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The GodFather - Audio File Manager with Scripting

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I downloaded and checked it out. However, I still think Media Tagger is better, IMHO.  :Thmbsup:

I tried Tag&Rename and was shocked at how much easier/faster it is to do the job with Mp3Tag! Maybe it's just because I'm used to Mp3Tag.. but I'm confident in saying that if anyone were to race me in doing a specific tagging job on a specified number of files, there is NO WAY IN HELL I wouldn't win using Mp3Tag versus someone using Tag&Rename. Mp3Tag is extremely intuitive in direct comparison. The Tag&Rename interface sucks in comparison.. but that's just me.

Media Tagger? Never heard. Will check it out :)

Aside from tagging, what's Godfather useful for? Could you use it as a media library? Like MediaMonkey?

It does have a pretty powerful medial library, so I've heard. I don't use it though, so I can't say for certain. The only library I've used is Winamp's...

The GodFather can grab tag info from, not only are their tags more accurate (spellings and what not) they also have reviews (which many people like to copy to the comment portion of their tags) and "styles." The styles seperate the music into categories that may work better than generic genres. And thanks to a script made by a few TGF users, all the info on can be parsed into your music files. BTW, the music download service "" uses reviews from all the time.

TGF also has scripting, something I'd expect the people on this site would jump on. You can do pretty much anything the program can do (and more) in a script. You can even make the script run DOS programs on your music. I made a script that runs mp3gain (in "album" mode) on all your songs at once (something that would have to be done album by album manually). Another script I made finds artist tags where the word "The" is after their name (like "Doors, The") and corrects them ("Doors, The" becomes "The Doors").

TGF has powerful case and replacement settings. The case options has 3 areas "always lower," "always upper," and "exceptions." Exceptions is where you put words like: LeAnn, MacGyver, MxPx, and OutKast (names that don't fit normal capitalization conventions).

I made a script that applies the replacement and case settings, makes sure the album tag is uniform, moves the word "The" back to the beginning of artist names, and makes sure all brackets have a left and a right (I made the brackets it checks user configureable too). The script does all that, plus it logs everything it changes in the program and in a text file. (I hated not knowing what was being changed when I "fixed" my tags.) By the way, TGF has it's own script editor, with highlighting and whatnot (not the best in the world, but beets notepad).

It also has organization capibilities (with scripting too). I haven't used this much (because I want more than what the program will do by default, but am too lazy to write the script myself). But if you have a directory full of random songs, it'll go through and sort them all into folders, you can make it do multiple subfolders if you want. So if you want it to be something like this:
<First letter of artist's name>
  ->Artist Name
      ->Album Name
it's easily done with TGF...

Here's another thing, that's very useful, that I bet you can't do with other programs: say you have a playlist of all your favorite songs, you can open that playlist in TGF and have it copy all the songs to another folder. Then you could move those songs onto your portable player, or create a mix CD, or whatever, much more easily.

fantastic description of what is good about the godfather - that is very cool about the scripting..

ps. i'm going to move this to the user mini review section where people will get more chance to see it.
maybe you could add a screenshot on your next post hirudin.


Alright, you talked me into it... I was thinking of doing one for a while now, so now I will...


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