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First US City Goes Digital


Wilmington, NC becomes the first US city to become a digital-only broadcaster.

With the flick of an eight-foot switch at midday Monday, this Southern city became the first market in the U.S. to make the change to digital-only broadcasting.

The switch wasn't really connected to anything, but it did serve as a centerpiece for a downtown ceremony at 12 noon EDT marking the moment that commercial broadcasters voluntarily turned off their old-fashioned, inefficient analog signals.

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Hooray for digital!

I got rid of my tele here (germany) end of last year when they went completely digital

I knew if I finally got satellite I'd end up watching so much crap (c.f. pink floyd/the wall for the impolite version of that :D) that it wouldnt be nice ... now I just spend my time on the internets - but definitely not as much time as I would have on the tele

I don't watch TV very often, but TVs are good for movies and video game consoles. :)


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