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London Stock Exchange - Computer Crash

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High load caused a computer crash which halted trading for a short period on the London Stock Exchange.

Trading on the London Stock Exchange has been halted after a computer system failed on one of the most frantic days of trading so far this year.

In an embarrassment for the LSE, the exchange said that no orders can be entered or executions of those trades occur. The LSE plans to bring back trading in a “controlled way’’, but couldn't say how long that will take.

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i wonder what the CTO's reaction to this?

* cto - chief technology officer

A rather embarrassing bladder and/or bowel malfunction...


That system wouldn't by any chance have been engineered and built by British-Leland would it?  :tellme:

A rather embarrassing bladder and/or bowel malfunction...
-Ehtyar (September 09, 2008, 07:52 AM)
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That made me laugh audibly!

I think that's probably an accurate estimate of what happened.  :P


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