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Lonely posts on the forum?

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Hey! I just tried the oldest and it was locked... (Firewall Review/Award - Agnitum Outpost Pro   :o

Right, off to see the next one on the list!

Let us not get carried away reviving old threads just for the sake of it..

If there is an old post that still needs a reply, then yes -- but don't take my whining about lonely posts to mean that every year old post needs a reply.

A post is only lonely if it was a question that went unanswered or something that deserves a follow up.


Yeah, I just gave up on it because:

1. It's exhausting!
2. I was reading through posts to find stuff worth replying to and wound up basically replying to say "thanks" for stuff that is three years old

Anyway, it's a nice idea. Probably more sensible to start with the RECENT posts that haven't been replied to yet. At least they'll still be topical.

That was why I skipped all those older ones and started with the one about the links page...since that DOES need attention....and it's still a great page that is worth looking at that maybe a lot of people haven't bothered to visit before. (either I never went there before today, or the page changed a lot since I joined and I never noticed)

Good thinking! I've bookmarked the Lonely Posts page, though, and will trawl through it occasionally looking for forgotten gems that await replies.


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