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How do you manage your email?

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I filter my mails by ListId into subfolders: "if ListId contains whatever move mail to INBOX.whatever". This keeps the mails from the many mailing lists under control, and my INBOX does not fill up as quickly. Certain senders' emails are silently deleted, I won't even get a notice of their deletion.

After this, SpamAssassin goes through the new mails, deleting those which seem junk. I do not care about false positives because in case of mailing lists there often is a reply quoting the important parts of the email.

Because I have five accounts set up in my email program, and the folder structure is quite extended I make use of the "Unread Folders" view the program offers: only folders with unread messages are shown.

I ignore the sender's priority setting. It is I who decides when to read an email, if I read it at all. I do not read all the emails, and reply to even fewer, although I would have something to say to most.

My mail program is, of course, Thunderbird.  :Thmbsup:

Two main POP3 accounts + (client based) whitelisting.
Everything gets deleted as soon as it's read/responded to. Stuff that can't be dealt with on the spot goes into Drafts and gets deleted as soon as it's dealt with. Anything worth saving is Cut&Pasted (oh well!) into my organizer.

I like to keep it clean clean clean!  :D

Ah yes - forgot about the Unread Messages view. Indispensible  :Thmbsup: I have it set to display my messages organized by folders...

I delete everything from inbox immediately, unless I need to do it (keep in inbox to remind myself), or I know I'll need it later (reference), or it's taken care of by automated filters. First I wanted to keep all my email in case i needed it. Now I know that i won't need 50% of all work email when i get it so jsut goes in the bin. I always sort my inbox so that it's not more than one sometimes two screens, if i can't filter it i delete it. if i done it i delete it.

With home mail, gmail makes it harder to delete it as it promotes archiving, so i use archive instead, and clean up any crap mail after i read through search results for something (when you find 20 mails regarding a lost password that you know you changed and written down for example).

I do explicitly not use the unread messages view because i rather clean up and delete from inbox, that way my search results are better.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone would want to keep deleting email vs archiving.

But there are a lot of great ideas here.  dspelley, I like that Outlook plugin, I'll have to check it out.

I'm also going to search for some GTD methods that have to do with email management.


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