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IDEA: A VERY simple wav player for class lecture recording playback


I am looking for a VERY simple wav player to play back my school lectures.

What I am unable to find in a simple player is one that will allow me to control the speed of the playback.
My instructor talks fast and it is hard to understand her sometimes. Slowing it down would be great.

It would also be nice to have ff and rev variable to go through areas and yet listen for important info.

I have found this in editing software but have accidentally edited the file by mistake.
Others are very convoluted to use.

I just want a very simple player that has what I have outlined above. Is this a lot to ask?  :tellme:

I have windows media player 10 and it has the following that I found after looking around I would think 11 would have something similar...

So that is one of your requested things...

VLC allows this, I've found it annoying actually because the controls are so prominent on the main interface that they're too easy to click accidentally.


KMPlayer also has this feature based on this thread here. i guess, you can move the scale to the opposite end to have the audio slow down.

• What video player plays audio clearly when video is sped up?

Thanks for all the feedback. I will check out all the info and let you know what works out.

Thanks again!  :D


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