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"Fuzzy matching" during dir lists


Mouser, I noticed that FARR does not use the so called 'fuzzy matching' during directory listings, like it does during reglar searching. Just for those who are not familiar with the term; fuzzy matching allows 'ora' to match Opera, while normal matching only matches a complete substring. So to get Opera you can type 'ope', 'era', etc, but not 'ea'. I guess it's clear now :)

Anyway, since FARR always searches its search folders real-time (using fuzzy matching), why is it not possible to do so during directory listings (even though those directories are not in the search folders)?

Needless to say it would be great to be able to fuzzy match in dir listings :-*

A short reply please mouser, is it possible yes or no :-[?

sorry i missed this -- i think it might be easy to add, perhaps as an option.
i should release a new version of FARR soon and i'll see what i can do.

Thank you :Thmbsup: An option is fine by me if it slows down the searching a bit. If it's hardly noticable I'd say you can just make it standard.


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