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Wanted: technical writer for FARR Remember The Milk Plugin help file

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i am available to help proofread and do minor edits, just mail me anything you want checked ([email protected]).

Thanks for offering your help mouser. I doubt though that it would be appreciated if I take some of your time for proofreading my help file, while you could work on more important stuff during that time. On the other hand, you can obviously use your time however you like :)

Here's an excerpt from the help file, the list of what you can and can't currently do with the plugin:

What you can do with FarrRmilk

    * View your tasks
    * Filter your tasks by task name, by list, by tag, by priority and by due date
    * Sort your tasks by task name, by priority, by due date, by date added, by date completed and by URL
    * Add new tasks
    * Delete tasks
    * Complete / Uncomplete tasks
    * Move tasks from one list to another
    * Postpone tasks
    * Change a task's properties, including its name, priority, due date, recurrence, time estimate, tags, location and URL
    * Add, edit and delete task notes
    * View your lists
    * Add new lists
    * Delete lists
    * Archive / Unarchive lists
    * View your tags
    * View tasks of your smart lists (with limitations! read About Smart Lists further down)

What you can't do with FarrRmilk

    * Share tasks (missing in the RTM API)
    * Send tasks (missing in the RTM API)
    * Manage contacts and groups (although the RTM API would allow this, I feel it doesn't make much sense without task sharing or sending functionality).
    * Manage locations
    * Create smart lists
    * Modify more than one task at the same time
    * FarrRmilk currently doesn't support languages other than English
    * probably more...

I'll make a first release available for testing as soon as the icons are ready.


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