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Wanted: technical writer for FARR Remember The Milk Plugin help file

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I'm working on a Remember the Milk plugin for FARR. Remember The Milk is a popular web based task list service. I'm looking for someone to write a help file for that plugin. The help file should be something that can be displayed in a Web Browser (HTML, TiddlyWiki etc.), so it can be displayed right in the new FARR web browser view as well as in an external browser.

I can't offer any money, but I will share donations (if I should get any) with whoever writes the help file and with the guy making the icons, i.e. Hamradio ;). I also hope to create the most amazing FARR plugin the FARR community has seen until today (well, you have to set yourself some goals), and you can be a part of it!

You don't necessarily have to be a professional technical writer. I'm just looking for someone who enjoys technical writing. Being a Remember The Milk user would certainly help, but is not a requirement, it's only a task list application after all.

To get an impression of what the plugin will be like, have a look at this demo video:
(it's about a 6 MB download). Please note that the icons are not the ones designed by Hamradio! I made the ones on the video and yes, they are ugly.

I'll be away the next three weeks and won't be able to read the forum, but I will be able to read and write email (I hope). If you're interested, please send me a private message with your email address so I can send you more details. Note that asking for details is no commitment to take over the job yet ;)


And another demo video before my absence to make the 'FARR and RTM' users a bit more excited (well, maybe).

It shows:
- the three modes of operation: beginner (via menu), verbose (for people who like it prose, that would be me) and power user (with abbreviations).
- adding tasks to lists right when adding a task (with list substring matching)
- changing task properties when adding tasks (with verbose parameters or with switches)
- changing the default sort order (which can be set in the options dialog) with parameters or switches
- filtering tasks by list or by priority

It's about 8.5 megs (3 minutes) and can be downloaded from here:

insanely cool.  :greenclp:

Great idea!

EDIT: I was so excited, I posted before I finished typing my post  :-[

Looks like I have some spare time during my holidays when I'm not hanging around at the beach playing with my kid, which I now spend writing a help file. But one thing's for sure: that help file will suck!

In other words: the position is still available! :)

edited: How I wrote that it sounded like I'm not enjoying hanging around at the beach playing with my kid. And while I don't enjoy hanging around at the beach that much, I very much enjoy playing with my kid. Certainly much more than writing that help file  ;)


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