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August 26 had some slight downtime -- thanks to gothic for fixing it

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Just a quick note that we had a few hours of downtime this morning, and a big thanks to Gothi[c] for waking up out of his sleep just to fix the problem.  It reminds me how lucky we are to have him taking care of, looking out for, and fixing our server when there are problems.

Thank you Gothi[c] (John).

I think i will try to set up a very basic backup forum on our server so we can post when such problems occur and just serve as a place for people to chat if the main server goes down.

 :) thanks mousie.

I mean it, one of the best things that happend to this site is when you came around and volunteered to take care of these issues.  I know it can be really frustrating work and I want you to know how much we all appreciate it.

So wasn't just me then :)

Great work, Gothi[c]

Thanks for your hard work guys.  :-*


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