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HowTo get back 'Image Dimensions' in Explorer?

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Having removed a couple of dozen programs yesterday I suddenly realize that the Explorer > folder view > details > column 'Image Dimensions' have stopped working. It is there, the column, but is not showing any image dimensions, no matter the extension.

The only solution that I know of is  to make sure that HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > .jpg >  Value: 'PerceivedType' > String Data: image is checked (for each file type) - and this is a problem, because while the brother .JPEG have this listed okay, all of my images are .JPG, and for .JPG there is at the moment no 'Perceived Type' at all. I have absolutely no idea about how to both create a new AND tell the string data to be 'image' - the default seems to always be four zeros.

Do you know HowTo fix it and give me back my 'Image Dimensions' in XP's Explorer?
Or do you know of some (freeware) program that will (also) solve this problem of mine?

--- JPEG is listing "PerceivedType" but is not showing any image dimensions, either:

--- JPG is not even showing the "PerceivedType":

--- How it should be:
HowTo get back 'Image Dimensions' in Explorer?

--- and how it is:


Is the "Dimension" box in the "Choose Details" dialog checked?

- yes. 

Try to (re)register shimgvw.dll (Start --> Run --> type regsvr32 shimgvw.dll in the box and click OK (A message should come up with DllRegisterServer in shimgvw.dll succeeded). If that fails to fix the "Dimension" problem, copy the following to notepad, save as imagefix.reg file and then double click on it to merge.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot for your efforts, Phil  :up:

However, it seems there must be something different wrong. First, the shimgvw.dll did register okay, but made no difference. Secondly, PerceivedType is now showing up nicely, but made no difference, either.

I might go and see if I can find yet another program to intall...


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