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Feature requests:More visuals, Grid in result window, Custom background color

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It would be great if FARR has more visual settings like

-Grid in result window (horizantal, vertical, or both) display in result window.
-Custom  background color for the results area
-Adjustable icon size(we have only 2 sizes now)

And FARR should look prettier to appeal to a wider audience ;) I think it's features are pretty much unmatched but farr looks kinda ugly compared to other launchers (Launchy, Dash etc).

Farr comes with couple skins thou.

I love the default skin (the grey one) think it looks very classy -
would look better though if you could change background colour -
wait a minute,
how did he change background colour

maybe it's his default windows page colour ?

a fancy grid mode is coming soon for plugin writers.
perhaps the ability to set a custom background color/imagewallpaper would be nice.


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