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[R3qu3st] Very Simple Request regarding DetachVideo


Hey, I love the program DetachVideo! It is almost awesome.   :-[
but there are at least some things I would love to see, if possible to do so with AutoHotKey.
-add a minimize button to the detached video
-make resized window to work, as in videos will resize when the window resizes or maximized, because it doesnt atm =)

thanks, and I would loove to see those two simple features sooon

If you have Vista, you could try my Video in Picture program that serves a similar purpose to DetachVideo: (Example videos and program on the website. It's not open source yet because the code is messy). It will allow you to minimize, resize, and crop.

thats pretty cool  :tellme:
but im not talking about all that cool extra eye candy features  :(
im wondering if you know how to just make it resize-friendly  :P

thanks for the replay


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