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codename: CopyCap - a tool to copy caption text

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some back-story: sometimes i want to copy a window's titlebar text or edit the caption before taking a screenshot. so i started working on my 'middle-button-magic' tool.

basically you middle-click on a windows titlebar and a menu pops-up where there are commands to copy the caption text (and the windows' class as well) into the clipboard. plus another option to modify the titlebar itself, though any change is temporal and lasts while the program is not refreshed or closed.

note: AVG inadvertently ate my script just a while ago so please bear with me until i retrieve a backup-copy.
a bit anti-climatic since Skrommel had already whipped up a script in my absence but here is it anyway. :)

P.S. Ack: Deozaan came up with the name - 'CopyCap'. :)

Sounds very cool!

I'm not sure if it is useful but feel free to reuse the source for my Autohotkey script TitleChanger if you can improve your program with it Lanux!  :Thmbsup:

thanks justice, i'll take a look and see if i can learn something from your script. :)

:) Try this one!

Captain - Obtain or change a window's title.

- Middel click on the caption of the window you need the text of.
- Rightclick the tray menu to change hotkey.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.



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