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Ubuntu Users - Replacement for Automatix now Available


The ghost of the controversial Automatix tool has reborn anew as Ultamatix. Automatix touched of a lively debate from the day it was introduced. But controversy aside, it got used, and was sorely missed in some quarters when the authors announced they were discontinuing development earlier this year.

Automatix. You can love it, hate it, or just plain ignore it. But however you choose to approach it - "It's baaaack!!!"

This just in from

Ultamatix may be a worthy successor to Automatix for new Ubuntu and Debian users
By Jeremy LaCroix on August 01, 2008 (4:00:00 PM)

Some Ubuntu fans out there may remember Automatix, a tool for Ubuntu that allowed easy access to many popular non-free applications and commonly-used audio and video codecs. It debuted a few years ago, and got negative reviews from Ubuntu developers and experienced users due to the risk of breaking dependencies, but it offered an easy solution for beginners who weren't familiar with the way deb packages worked. Automatix was discontinued in March, when its developers moved on to other projects. Now Ultamatix hopes to continue where Automatix left off.

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Full article can be found here:

Official site for Ultamatix:
(Note: English usage on the site is a bit awkward.)


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