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What screen recorder is this?

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Is there anyone here that knows what screen recorder this guy used to make his tutorial?

I think it's great that it shows what modifier keys are held down. Scrub to 5:18 and you can see that he will use SHIFT and ALT to change his selections in Photoshop.

Not sure - as it's on the Adobe website I suppose it could be Captivate?

You should ask Colin Smith (the guy who produces the tutorials) @ or @

Can i point out that skrommel made a very cool utility that makes it easy to add such indicators to any screencasting tool.
His utility is called ShowOff:

Sorry for the wild guess (didn't even see the video), but there is something called Wink, an open source screen casting tool with which you create great screen-casts, hide nice textual comments and do all kinds of other stuff as well. It outputs in avi and swf file formats by default if memory serves me right (or left...but at least correctly  ;)).

It even has an page in Wikipedia.


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