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IDEA: Simultaneous Equations Simulator .Yet More Features


I've had this idea for a while, where one can draw a number of straight lines on a variable-sized grid (similar to Coordinator).
The coordinates for the endpoints and the equations for each line are listed dynamically (as shown in the diagram below).
Lastly, the intersections are also shown.

I have attached some VB6 code that works out the equation of a line from two points, and some more code that marks the intersection of 2 lines.

My problems so far are:

1.  How to create a variable snap to grid with cartesian coordinates (0,0) at the the bottom.
2.  How to change the origin position.
3.  How to list captions on the ends and in the middle of straight lines.

If someone could help me out, it would be well appreciated.


The first Update is here (as shown below):


Click in 4 different places on the form.
Then hover over the black spots with your mouse.
When the mouse pointer changes to a crosshair, you can drag move each point to various positions.

I'm still trying to work out how to place a label half way along a line.

I have also started another project to find equations from 2 points.

Added a zoom function, equation of the line functionality.

Intersections to come soon.

Updating once again. Added some more features.


Looking good. Next update soon?


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