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idea: quickly enable/disable the "extend desktop to this screen"


I've looked all over for a utility that will quickly (and preferably invisibly) enable or disable my second monitor on my laptop (toggling the current setting).  Typically my vga out is used for extra display space or for giving presentations but if I then have to move my laptop to a meeting the windows open on the external display stay there and I can't see them without going into display, settings and unticking the extend display.
Any chance someone could please write a utility to do that (I was thinking of sendkeys and autoit but it takes time for the dialog box to pop up and get displayed, a windows function would be more efficient I would have thought?)

a DC member had already done this. here's the webpage: tv-out.

thankyou - i had done a search but obviously not got the right terms put in.

it's okay. btw, nod5 has another utility that might interest you - ExtDesk. ;)



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