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Inside the LEGO factory

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Thanks to slashdot, I tripped over this gizmodo exclusive - video shootings from inside the LEGO factories. Impressive that they were allowed to film in there, I always thought LEGO were very secretive about their fab process. The clips are pretty short and the voice recording from the tour guide isn't super good, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Bonus info: LEGO is a contraction of "LEg GOdt" - transobliterated, "play well".

Bonus info: LEGO is a contraction of "LEg GOdt" - transobliterated, "play well".-f0dder (July 21, 2008, 05:49 PM)
--- End quote ---
interesting topic and nice trivia, will come in handy. :)

F0dder: damn you!
You made me lose precious hours watching lego videos instead of studying to the exam I had today!
If I have a grade lower than I expected, I shall blame thou for disturbing my study :P

Very cool to see in action!

this is off-topic but is there a way to embed videos in the thread itself? i've seen this in some forums. that way we don't have to open a new tab/window. :)


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