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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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I should correct myself, we do get snow but it's a very rare event - we're only at 480m.  This is August, 2008, looking from our drive across the front of our block.

Show us the View Outside Your Window

I forgot to post these two freeloadersw when I took it:

Show us the View Outside Your Window

Busy watching a pair of wedge-tail eagles circling over the mountain - they've grown up now and joined the band of nine that sit out the front waiting to be fed.

I'll see if I can grab a sunset tomorrow, didn't have a stand for the camera so the couple I took were a bit blurry.

Birds can be elusive but these were very obliging and even let the Cat get close! ;)

Sunset, that's Mt Macedon straight ahead, (~80km):

Show us the View Outside Your Window

Not so much a view from my window as a view from a bridge which is in the view from where I live.
File: 01488_spaghettijunction_1680x1050.jpg

It's a rather nice nighttime shot of Auckland city (NZ) that I found amongst wallpapers in a .ZIP file from I have seen many photographers shooting this view (day and night) from the bridge, but had not previously seen what the actual photo looked like.
(I have so far never taken a photo of the city from this particular vantage point.)
Show us the View Outside Your Window


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