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DONE: A quick, no-gui, one script holding macro recorder/player.

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 :) DoOver was not intended to record beyond the active window, but if you want, I can watch windows titles and slow down the playback.


I was very excited with the replies and quickly tried both of them. 

However, I'm sorry to say that neither one worked.

It seems that the programs are working for other so I don't know why I'm having a problem.

To test I do the following: 
Open notepad, type some stuff, use arrow keys to move around, exit notepad without saving.

DoOver won't recognize the Ctrl-F12 key combination to stop recording.

QuickMacro did some other random stuff than what I recorded.

Any ideas as to why I'm having these problems?


 :) Try DoOver v1.1.

- User defined hotkeys.
- Recorded macro can be edited throught the Settings menu before playback.
- Change playback speed through the Settings menu.
- Press Ctrl-F12 to start and stop recording.
- Press Ctrl-F5 to start playback.

Won't move windows due to relative mouse actions.


really really nice.

couple of tweaks to consider -

the "playback finished" text that is shown after activating - am i write that the display of this is why we can't activate the ctrl+f5 multiple times in a row without waiting till text dissapears? if so, i suggest just getting rid of that message.

i found the default wait times were long.. i changed them and then had to exit and restart to take effect (maybe add a comment in settings file to remind user they need to exit and restart to have changes take effect?

 :tellme: Try the last uloaded version of DoOver. Also added option to move the mouse back to it's original position after playback. Remember to delete or move your DoOver.ini-file.

Some of the delay is due to playback having to wait until the Ctrl is release after pressng Ctrl-F5, as to prevent interferance with the macro.



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