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DONE: A quick, no-gui, one script holding macro recorder/player.

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I want a macro recorder/player that works as follows:

-- It sits in the system tray.
-- When I do Ctrl-F12 (or some assignable key combo) it changes colors to let me know that it's recording.
-- It records all keyboard and mouse activity.
-- I do Ctrl-F12 and it stops recording.
-- I do Ctrl-F5 and it runs.
-- I do Ctrl-F5 and it runs again.
-- I do Ctrl-F5 and it runs again.
-- etc.
-- I do Ctrl-F12 and it records a new macro over the old one.

Note: I don't care if it saves the macro.  It's just for quick, repetitive stuff like adding the letters "abc" to the front of every line of text in notepad.

For example: I start the recorder, type "abc" once, arrow key to the front of the next line, stop the macro and do Ctrl-F5 for as many times as I need the text added to each line.

This would be great!  PSPad has something like it but I want this ability in all programs.


wow I think this a really great idea, I have looked for this kind of utility as well... hopefully somebody will want to create it!  :Thmbsup:

Carol Haynes:
There are some good lookingfreeware marco/automate tools here you could try out

AceMacro, MacroMaker and WinMacro look like they are worth a look.

I haven't tried these (I have a couple of macro programs running already so don't want to get confused with more) ...

Actually I've already been through that entire page and none of them work as I need.

Thanks though.

this seems like a very good idea.. i might try it duing our next coding snacks weekend if no one can find a proper macro tool to do it in the meantime.  does seem like it might be a feature present in a proper macro tool though.


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