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Display Power schedule

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Has anybody seen an app that i can schedule the Monitor Power to shut off after an hour (or whatever amount of time) between 9-5 and if the hours are the opposite shut off in 5 minutes?


 :) Try MonitOff!

MonitOff - Turns off the monitor at user defined idle times during the day.

- Change settings using Settings in the Tray menu.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


so is this available as a download somewhere??  I didn't see it listed on skrommel's site neither.

I am also looking for something that I can use to turn off the monitors at a certain time (school setting).

you have to copy the code and save it as an .ahk file then use Autohotkey to run it as a script. ;)

Unless skrommel gets his act together and updates his web page  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(


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