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AHK question : how to use modifier symbols as normal/literal characters?

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I want use the "+" symbol in some of my hotstrings "expansions", but... as a "normal", literal character, not as a the usual symbol for "shift". What's the convention for that (eg : RegExp uses "\") ? (Oh, and if there's a web page -- other than the AHK WebSite -- where I can find that info... and other useful info). Thanks a lot!

AH! i finally found it. Always the case when  I ask the question...  :-[
Just wrap the symbols in curly brackets : { }

Some precisions, found elsewhere (the "braces" trick was found on lifehacker in a different context):

- If one is using the send command (instead of the common hotstring syntax), one could also use sendraw (or {Raw}, as the first item of the string):

Raw mode: The SendRaw command sends the keystrokes exactly as they appear rather than translating {Enter} to an ENTER keystroke, ^c to Control-C, etc. To use raw mode with SendInput, SendPlay, or SendEvent, write {Raw} as the first item in the string; for example: SendInput {Raw}abc
--- End quote ---

AutoHotkey.chm is your friend. :)

don't you use ` (same key as the tilde for me)


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