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Gizmo's Tech Support Alert Newsletter Merges with Windows Secrets

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I think the target public of the newsletter is different, and perhaps it can grow to the quality of your typical glossy pc magazine, minus the pointless reviews. I am far too interested and far too involved/advanced as a user for this to have value for me. Especially when several of the articles really taste of rehash from feeds I read, and others smell of sponsored content (perhaps they are not, i am naturally suspicious having worked in b2c and b2b publishing long enough).

But i wouldnt have posted here except i got 2 emails today to make me renew - that kind of annoyed me enough to come and see what others were saying, and say something too.

For new subscribers only, and for merely 3 months:

In celebration of the holiday season, we're letting you send all of your friends the paid version of the Windows Secrets Newsletter absolutely free for the next three full months.
Here's how our holiday giveaway works:

    * Step 1. Send the following URL in the text of an e-mail message to everyone you'd like to give, as a free gift, the paid version of the newsletter:

      You can include any text you like that will explain to your friends that they can get the paid version of this newsletter absolutely free as a gift. Please don't spam a bunch of strangers — just send your message to your friends, people who regularly receive e-mail from you.

    * Step 2. The holiday gift is only for people who've never had a subscription before.

    * Step 3. People who visit the link and enter a valid e-mail address by Dec. 31, 2008, will receive a confirmation message. They must click a link in that message to verify their address and begin their subscription-Windows Secrets Newsletter
--- End quote ---

Thanks Curt. :) I wonder if anybody will send me an invite? I also wonder if I'll respond should I get one.


Why does Windows Secrets have to make getting something for free such a project? Step 1, step 2, step much for instant gratification.

Why not just do up a special issue or two, and provide a link to them on their website?

Things like this keep hammering home to me just how different Windows Secrets' mindset is from the old TSA.


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