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How do I get the URL to this?


URL Snooper helped me get some URLs but I still need the URL to the video on

any hints?

i used grab++ in orbit downloader

--- ---rtmp://|krgv|/media/krgv_video/2007/9/3/dwi fatal at 10||

rtmp://|krgv|/media/krgv_video/2007/9/3/dwi fatal at 10||
-blackcat (July 03, 2008, 09:47 PM)
--- End quote ---


That's a limitation to my "WITHOUT FURTHER COMMENT" anti-DWI video. Windows Media Player won't run the .flv files. Since the design is to stream the videos legally, direct from the TV stations' websites to the end user, the videos need to be in .wmv or .asx etc. on the remote server.

However, such a video, available for downloading and pirating, could still be incorporated into a bootleg or pirate product. When college students distribute the pirate product and the DWI fatality rate plunges, there's not one TV station in the United States of America wicked enough to pursue court action, and the pirates would know it.


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