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Anyone know an Antivirus Bootable CD or Floppy with NTFS support

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Carol Haynes:
I have started installing AVAST for people who need a free AV app - it seems very nice and has caused fewer problems for me than AVG8.

UBCD4W was very useful - I had dabbled with it before but hadn't noticed that you can update virus definitions during the ISO build and include multiple AV and Malware engines all on one disc. I got a bit carried away and it only just fit on a 700Mb CDROM !!

Carol Haynes:
Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions - my toolkit is ever expanding (as my brain shrinks trying to cope)

I have used Trinity Rescue Kit various times and found it pretty effective.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - I will definitely have look at that. (I have added the download link to your minireview thread).


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