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In need of a "system startup manager"

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Delay and delay might not always be the same... I mean, you could just create a much longer delay. I have a little crowd starting without any delay, and the rest are delayed for several minutes (in fact up to ten minutes!) with the first of them being delayed for more than two minutes, to make sure antivirus etcetera all have ended their updates.

I use r2 Startup Delayer.

Sorry I'm jumping in so late here, but if anyone's still listening...

<a href="">WinPatrol</a> is an excellent task manager utility that, among its numerous useful functions, lets you choose the delay intervals for startup applications.

I now prefer <a href="">AnVir Task Manager</a>, with similar functionality. However, AnVir's main drawback, in my opinion, is that the startup delay is not configurable -- it's 1 minute for all startup apps you choose to delay.

Both come in free and paid versions. I  briefly reviewed WinPatrol in post <a href="">#11</a> of my utilites blog, and AnVir in post <a href="">#57</a>.

I hope this is helpful.

I use Startup Delayer.  However the author isn't responsive with new releases very frequently.  I sent a list of suggestions to him and he said he would consider them for the next release.  That was back in January.  His last refresh was Dec 2007.

However, the reason I use SD is that it has proven to be a a good solution for a problem that some people seem to experience with WinXP - which is after booting, there are tray icons missing for apps that are actually running.  Previously, the only way I could find to fix this issue was to do a logoff/on again after a fresh system restart (which was a pain and more time consuming).  Now with SD, I don't have that problem anymore.   BTW: I have 32 apps showing in my tray right now.  I am also running WinXP SP3.

hi jojo, thanks for that tip

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