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In need of a "system startup manager"

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That is about as good of a name I can think of for it.
I am looking for a program that will run at startup, and that is the only thing that runs at startup.
This program would then open a window and show all the programs that are supposed to run at startup, and let me manually open them.
The reason I want this, is so that I can let all the programs that start quickly to open, and then I can open the other programs that take for ever to open.
The closest program I can find is r2 Studio's startup delayer, because I can make the programs that take forever to load start several seconds after my system starts, that way the other programs have time to load.

Just curious. Why would you want to start them manually as opposed to using a delayed start-up?

If you actually do want to go manual, you could disable your CPU hogs from autostarting in any one of several startup manager applications. Glary Utilites free edition has a basic startup manager that works quite well for that.  It also can give you the full path to each startup item. Using that information, you could then create shortcuts to each disabled item and place them in a folder that opens when you start Windows. You could then invoke them from there.

One suggestion. If you're running an Nvidia based graphic card, try disabling nwiz if you don't need it. You only need it if you are running nView under WinXP. If you do need it, take a look at this article for a possible fix:

Another app that seems to cause startup delays is SpywareTerminator. You can avoid the delay by disabling the real time shield option before you do a shutdown. ST won't automatically re-enable it after a restart. Just don't forget to turn it back on prior to going out to the web!

I guess I could put them in a folder and start them that way.
I wanted to start them manually, because delaying them doesn't always work, because everything else that starts up might take longer to start than normally, and then delaying the cpu hogs would start up at the same time as the other programs.

I'd just use a combination of the following: create folder of links to your CPU intensive programs on your desktop and disable them from starting and use startup delayer to stagger everything else (I suspect this is what you're meaning in your post above).

there are some long threads on startup managers on the forum:;search=startup+manager


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