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WinKey Enhancement Project (WEP)

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jgpaiva: might be selfish, but reserved it is.

Interesting read, f0dder! (omg.. and i lost this guy's conference at my univ this semester.. really dumb  :stars:)
I still think it's selfish though, and the default win+key shortcuts aren't useful anyway (except for win+l, which i've remaped to win+space :D).

the win-key is very useful if I can define its functions myself ;)

I'm with JG & TucknDar - hardcoding the keys (in individual executables for one(!) or more keys) is a bit too limiting, a lot of us here already have our own remapping scripts running - so uploading the source would be nice but if you don't want to do that try to allow those who may be interested in your program to map keys to their preference.

to jgpaiva:
Do you interest only winesc AHK-source?
If, yes - that is here:

;;;;start winesc's ahk-code;;;;;
WinGetActiveTitle, Title
WinSet, Transparent, 125, %Title%
KeyWait, CapsLock
WinSet, Transparent, off, %Title%
WinGetActiveTitle, Title
WinMinimize, %Title%
KeyWait, Esc
WinRestore, %Title%
WinActivate, %Title%

I like your GridMove and used it.
But I want to make similar <Win>-keyed functionality.
Do you interested to make such program, which will move active window to predefined (by selected customizable profiles) positions?

to tomos and to nosh:
AHK-links I'll include into the homepage some time (next days) later. I think I must to recast my homepage.

to TucknDar:
Autohotkey scripting is that all you need! :)
Are you interested in the specific functions?

to f0dder:
I cannot and don't want to change wep-abbreviation in the home-page of the project.
I think that this project will not grow so, that someone place information about WEP in WikiPedia pages ;)

Thanks for your posts


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