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Firefox 3 Bug

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Grorgy, can you check to see if the following works for you?

In AM, go to options - caching and CHECK the option "Modify browser requests to avoid caching". Then clear your cache and see if it still occurs.

Ugh, disabling browser caching in order to satisfy AM? :o :o :o

Yes I know, I sent an email to the developers and have yet to receive a reply. We shall see. It seems that setting that option fixes the issue but why should it have to be enabled when it didnt have to be previously. Am I required to clear my cache on a daily basis (with each new list update) in order to fix the issue? I should hope not.

I haven't had a chance to see if it works here, I have uninstalled AM and have been really happy with the apparent increase in browser performance.  It is such a difficult program to adjust, it seems to block lots of obscure pages that many sites call, and it was causing me more difficulty than the ads did, I've gone back to ABP, at least when you allow a site, it allows it all.  It (AM) was also blocking something within the site of University I am going to, and that was pretty much the end of it for me.  And the cache clearing, well I would clear the cache and sometimes it would work for a while sometimes not.

Yeah, that has been my experience. However, Jeff (AM List maintainer) has pawned this off as likely being a firefox bug since he is having no signs of this, as is the norm with most bugs I and others seem to report, although the bug completely disappears after changing an option in ad muncher or exiting it completely. This seems to be the norm from my experience.

I just fail to see how the bug could be firefox's fault when ad muncher's options (or exiting) fixes the issue. Can anyone explain this to me?

Mouser or any developer for that matter, from your experience, does this explanation make sense? In my limited development experience (limited to programs suiting my own particular needs) this doesnt make sense. If my program, when terminated, resolves an issue, or enabling an option in my developed program fixes a problem in another, how can this bug not be my programs fault?


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