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Firefox 3 Bug

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To the community,

I am having issues with firefox 3. I currently have the bug posted at Mozilla's Bug Tracker. The issue is this. I have just finished a complete reinstall, deleted profile with no extensions and a firefox reinstall, in an attempt to fix this issue. It appears that firefox is failing to load images on a refresh of a page. This occurs after many pages are refreshed using F5 or the reload button. As such, the pages appear broken and often contain just text with a very broken appearance. Has anyone experienced this? Click the link above for some images of what I am seeing.


I've had that image of a forum like DC and other forums happen on my computer after cleaning with ATF-Cleaner. And also at random times, but not often. Had the same issue with the previous version of FF also.

Restarting Firefox usually fixes it. Or restarting the computer will.

So I think it's a prefetch or cache issue. Not sure though.

I was /am? getting it on ff2, certainly the forum issue, and odd things happening with graphic intensive sites like deviant art, I've had vast improvement since i got rid of admuncher. 

Edit:  just disabling the filtering didn't work, admuncher had to be uninstalled

I have a similar problem when trying to view pages on my local server through my external IP address - but using the internal IP works just fine, and people from the outside can view through the external IP just fine as well. This also happens with IE6 though, so the problem probably isn't related, and might be due to my httpd setup.

Just thought I'd mentioned it anyway.

I am beginning to think its an ad muncher issue as well. Exiting AM and then clearing my cache seems to help the issue. I am working with admuncher's options to find out what is causing this.


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