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A tip about creating your own "C:\ProgramFiles" directory vs "C:\Program Files"

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I've written about this before on this thread, but i wanted to mention it again because of it's relevance to using FARR efficiently.

When programs are installed onto your PC using an installer, they by default go into your "C:\Program Files" directory (or if you are using windows x64 something similar).

Such programs always create start menu items, and you remove them using an uninstaller.

Now, occasionally you will download a program that has no installer.  That you are meant to copy yourself to a permanent directory somewhere.

My advice, and the point of this post, is to recommend that you do NOT put such programs in your "C:\Program Files" directory.

I'm advocating that you make your own directory (I use "C:\ProgramFiles" no space, but you could use anything).  By keeping these files in a separate directory, you will know that these files do not have uninstallers and so you can delete them manually, and do not have entries automatically put in your start menu, etc.

For FARR this is useful because you can add this directory to your search folders and it will be scanned very quickly since it is so small, vs. trying to add the massive "C:\Program Files" directory which should be kind of pointless anyway since the programs there should already have start menu items.

very good tip  :Thmbsup:

personally my own program files directory was at some point in My Documents folder ! ;) not anymore...

For FARR this is useful because you can add this directory to your search folders and it will be scanned very quickly since it is so small
--- End quote ---

it will be even better when we will be able to filter what files should be searched, i'm talking about the extension filter feature that we are waiting for ;)

Stoic Joker:
I like to keep the C: drive clean, but I've used a variation on this for years. I put all the small installer-less apps in C:\Program Files\Mini-Tools

I also keep a copy on the (easy to sync single) Mini-Tools folder on my ThumbDrive so I have quick access to key utilities when I'm on-site.

Quite a good suggestion, but for those who have already been using the C:\Program Files Directory, I suggest not adding it to the FARR scanned directories. Instead, place a shortcut to the program executables in the start menu and FARR will index those. I still keep my start menu organized in case i need to look through my list of programs.

My unattended XP setups have been modified to change "Program Files" to "Programs", and "Documents and Settings" to "Settings" - and I keep all the non-installer stuff in "c:\usr\prg", and small commandline utilities in "c:\usr\bin". Works like a charm :-*


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