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Lock a folder down?

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I think I have found what you are after, it doesn't work quite like what you are after, you have to select lock/unlock from the contect menu but all it does is lock the folder.

You can find it here

That looks just like the type of thing I was looking for.. I'll check it out when I get around to it. Thank you :)

Here's a good free program (well, a free version anyway ;) ) that can Lock files and folders using encryption.   The free version has a few other useful features as well.

Another free one: EncryptOnClick

one way you an hide a folder,

have the folder very deep into the directory. e.g. C:\WINDOWS\system32\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys (not very deep but couldn't be bothered loooking for a deeper one) and hide it in the properties window.

or just zip the fold up and put a password on it


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