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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Yes, tuckndar, my impressions were similar also.  I was using the firefox plugin and couldn't figure out what it does.  I made a list of comments and suggestions about the program, but it's at work.  I will post it on Monday.

It's actually quite close to functioning like Powermarks, it's really not that far off at all.  A couple of minor changes and it could be there very quickly.

A new Linkman version 7.5(major update) released . with support for Powermarks:


I totally forgot about Linkman, I've been meaning to try it out since the minireview done here.  So I just tried it and these are my intial impressions:
It is really powerful and customizable.  I like that.  But I can't seriously use it until it has a proper Firefox plugin.  Meaning, I need to be able to add bookmarks with a click of a button with all the appropriate information automatically filled.  Otherwise, I have to use another product.  But, besides that, it seems to be really awesome.  I also like how the program is very lightweight and fast.

Tomorrow, I will post suggestions for Power Favorites about how a couple of tweaks can make it very similar to Powermarks.  The same suggestions can be extended, of course, to any other bookmark manager, including Linkman.

I just installed and tried out Power Favorites. Although my overall impression is favorable and it might appeal to many people, there's a simple feature missing that makes the program ususable to me.

Powermarks enables selecting which fields appear as columns in the main bookmark list, and I depend on one of those columns being the tags associated with each bookmark. Power Favorites decides for you what fields are displayed, and tags are not one of them.

I realize that the tags of the currently highlighted bookmark are displayed in the bottom pane, but that’s not useful to me in browsing my bookmarks.

By the way, I noticed that the create date for imported Powermarks was often incorrect.

I agree, the column customization is very useful.  As for the display on the bottom, I actually kind of like it.  A simple option to turn it on or off should be perfect.
I will post my suggestions in just a few...


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