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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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Not really any point in rebooting, though. Just run the hotkeys.ahk (assuming Autohotkey is installed and ahk files associated with it)

I am a long-time Powermarks user also. I started using Netvouz, which does have a Powermarks import facility. So there's another idea for orphaned PM users to try. I do note that they are having a moratorium on adding new users due to spam cleanup. But you can email them and request it.



Thanks for the very kind words, twinkler, that means a lot to me.

I can usually sort through all of this, but it's just getting so insanely busy.  I'm juggling my job (which is busy itself) with this stat class I'm taking, trying to get my website going, my music, trying to be remotely sociable....argh!  It's really just this preparation for grad school, I think I'd be able to handle everything else normally.

Anytime programming and coding get involved in my life, it adds a level of stress for me.  It's not that I'm not good at it, it's just that it's not something I do, and each code is particular to that application and it has to be so precise, so it's just another thing to learn.  That's what I went through and still going through with Wordpress (with css, php, xml, xhtml, etc.).  I don't really want to do that.  I'm just a software user, I like to click around and figure things out.  That's most of my motivation for even writing software reviews and stuff.  I just want our lives to be easier with this technology we have available and that's always my goal in my ramblings on software.  The more software helps us, the more time we have for doing more things that we love like our work, our music, families, friends, etc.  Right?

OK, sorry about that...long day.

just a quick note.
I really like delicious bookmarks for FF, but!
Magnolia (similar to delicious) actually takes an snapshot of what you bookmark there, so you can see the page even if it's no longer available. JFYI.
-urlwolf (September 14, 2008, 08:01 AM)
--- End quote ---

several do this:
- magnolia
- yahoo bookmarks
- diigo (allows notes on page too)
- spurl

Out of these, all but magnolia work properly with opera.

I find that handy for certain type of bookmarks where i bookmark a specific page of information, but not for bookmarks which are about remembering a site - so I use them for a subset of sites

I am the developer of Power Favorites. Twinkler mentioned my program in this post :Thmbsup:.  although the comment is not very positive  :-\. I'd like to know what features you all need most for managing bookmarks, I will try my best to follow your wisdom.



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