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Anyone know of webmail that will filter and forward?

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Carol Haynes:
I have email delivered from a webform to a single email address.

There are fields in the form that will allow me to filter the messages by using rules and forward them on to the appropriate person.

Does anyone have any idea of a reliable web based mail system that can do this automatically without me doing it through my own computer?

It is easy enough to do this with a POP client such as Outlook but I don't want to have a computer running 24/7 just to filter emails.

I think GMX can do this, but haven't had the account long and haven't specifically tried filtering and forwarding.  However, both appear to be there in the settings.  GMX has only recently reappeared in the UK, but they're long-established elsewhere and said to be good.

In addition to your 5 GB mail storage capacity, GMX File Storage gives you another 1 GB of space for your documents and media.

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Carol Haynes:
Thanks I'll check it out

gmail has this functionality.

i wouldnt reccomend gmx as it is very slow, and opens alot of new windows (not tabs) seemed to force a new window

Carol Haynes:
Good grief I am dense - and I am using gmail !!!

Seems to work great!

Thanks yotta for point out how stupid I am  :tellme:


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