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Am I doing something wrong?


Some of my custom aliases, the ones that are websites, don't let me launch them unless I type the entire alias. Before that, all that shows up in the list is the name of the alias, and http: or https: . The full link doesn't appear until I finish typing. Have I added them wrong? All I do is make an alias name and copy/paste the link into the result box.

david and i talked about this "bug" over email -- it's not really a bug but a design of FARR to let farr work with multiple results in an alias.  so when you type a partial alias and hit enter, it completes the alias, shows you results, and lets you choose to launch from those results. 

but what seems clear is that if an alias only has 1 result, farr needs to be smarter about launching it and showing it's details, so that this extra step isn't needed.  sometimes the power features of farr make it take longer to realize that sometimes the simplest things take more steps than they need to.

i'll try to get this added for the next release this week.


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